Planning for a birthday or another special day? Order a custom cake today!

Let Sweet Victory design your desserts!

Nothing makes us happier than to design a special treat that perfectly matches the theme of the party! Whether you’re going all out with a Disney® themed party or looking for something a little more fancy with fresh flowers, we can do it all.


We customize cupcakes to suit any occasion or interest, birthdays, anniversary, congratulations, weddings and more. Customized cupcakes are available in quantity of 12, 24 (or more).

  • 12 cupcakes - $25+ 
  • 24 cupcakes - $50+

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*Price varies per customization


If you are not looking for an over-the-top design but need a delicious cake with a message (or topper), you're in luck! Sweet Victory offers our variety of cake flavors customized in the color of your choice and a celebration message.

  • Round 8in Cake - $55+

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Our edible photo image cakes are a very popular option. Customize your photo cake by submitting any image from pictures of your loved ones to favorite tv shows and characters. In turn, we will create a one of a kind custom cake! This is a great way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, family reunions, and any other special occasion with something sweet to share.

  • 1/4 Sheet - $60+
  • 1/2 Sheet - $75+
  • Square - $60+
  • Heart Shape - $60+ 

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*Price varies per customization


It's really not a celebration if cake isn't included! We offer customized sheet cakes in the following sizes:

  • 1/4 Sheet - $65+
  • 1/2 Sheet - $80+
  • Full Sheet - $130+

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*Price varies per customization


In addition to traditional birthday cakes, we love creating cakes for baby showers, gender reveal, anniversaries, weddings, graduation celebrations and any other milestones that need to be celebrated WITH CAKE!

  • Single layer custom cakes - $75+
  • Two tier custom cakes - $150+
  • Three tier custom cakes - $225+
  • Four tier custom cakes - $ call to inquire

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*Price varies per customization and when requesting fondant icing


Have photo of a cake you saw in a magazine or online? Send us a photo to reference and we will work diligently to make your cake look similar but unique to YOU! 

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*Price will be discussed after photo is received.


Have an idea in mind, but can't quite put your finger on it? Lucky for you, Sweet Victory has your back! Suggest a theme, flavor & budget and leave the design details up to us. We will provide a dessert that taste as good as it looks. 

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*Sweet Victory will contact customer to approve design details once all information is submitted

Event Dessert Table

Elevate your next event with a dessert table full of sweets!  

Sweet Victory offers custom desserts for large events including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, reunions, graduation parties, work parties, and more. We partner with our customers to provide a dessert experience that's as memorable as your event itself, offering everything from whole cakes and pies, to mini strawberry shortcake cups and more.

Our desserts ensure that your event's sweet course will be talked about long after the day is over. Click Here to begin sharing your event details and needs.